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[personal profile] eldabe2015-11-28 10:36 pm

Sequel Manga Scans!

Don't know if anyone else is still knocking around being a fan of Fruits Basket on Dreamwidth, but the sequel manga is being released right now in Japan, and there are scanlations floating around!

Here is a traditional scanlations site with really large, detailed pictures.

Here is a tumblr posting scanlations. More up-to-date but the art is smaller.

Can't find any details about licensing or a US release (where I am), and being that Tokyopop seems to be out of the licensed manga printing business, I would be really interested to see if this every gets picked up!
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Fruits Basket returns!

The manga is being reprinted! For anyone curious, "aisouban" means something like "favorite print".

More importantly though, THERE'S A SEQUEL COMING. It's set after everyone's high school graduation.
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